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Gawker Commenter Roundtable #2 : Gramercy Police and Arctic16

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It’s our biannual Gawker shit storm!

This week, Gramercy Police and Arctic16 join me to discuss Gawker’s internal restructuring to a politics-based website, specifically the 2016 election. Unfortunately, seven Gawker Media writers were let go and several sites were shuttered. Pink slips were given out prior to finalizing union negotiations between the board and the Gawker writers/employees (and right before the holiday season)


‘Tis the business spirit to fire your employees right before the holidays. RIP to Taylor Berman, Kelly Conaboy, Jay Hathaway, Jason Parham, Dennis Mesereau, Erin Gloria Ryan, and Natasha Vargas-Cooper. Long Live!!!

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For your reading pleasure, some of the articles we discussed.

- Dayna Evans On Gawkers Problem with Media - a possible contributing factor to this current Gawker shitstorm. This story was supposed to come out July, but that was around the time Jordan’s article/ Max Read’s departure so my guess is that that is why they squashed her story. Gawker loves to be truth to power but when the roles are reversed, they can’t handle the truth.


-Nick Denton’s memo Focus

- An Introduction to Gawker Media

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