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Gawker Commenter Interview : AJ Daulerio Former Editor-in-Chief of Gawker and Editor of Deadspin

I really am going to cover Gawker commenter interviews ( I have already started calling people) but.... this week we have a surprise guest,former Editor-In-Chief of Gawker and Editor of Deadspin, A.J. Daulerio!

We talk about the Gawker debacle ( I know! There hasn’t been enough coverage), and some awesome gossip is revealed as well. Everything you ( I ?) wanted to know about Gawker from someone inside, and who better else to dish than the former editor.


Again, I am sorry that you guys had to endure some cringey stuff in the beginning. (Note to self, never have my guard down with Rob ever again!)

UU Episode 16: AJ Daulerio

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